July 20, 2020

The White Star Church will re-open for the season, August 2020, with our first scheduled service on August 9 at 10:30 A.M. Really looking forward to seeing you all again! (For final confirmation please check our Facebook page).

The uncertainty & fear that abound these days rages against our deep primal need to feel safe...what to do?

It's as easy to give up our personal power in the midst of this pandemic as it is difficult to remember that there is a Master Plan at work (Note the word PANIC contained within the word pamdemic!)

But like Joel Osteen says: God has the final say! If we really believe that the Creator is in control directing our steps, then we must also believe that we're exactly where we're supposed to be...which to me translates into accepting & even embracing ALL aspects of our lives right now, both easy & difficult, & letting go of the resistance as best we can- even resistance to the entire coronavirus scenario!

Like the Bible says & the Byrds sang: For everything "there is a season and a time to every purpose, under heaven"... Even tho we may not see the purpose now, we need to trust that there is one, & that it will eventually be revealed.

The expectation is that something beautiful will eventually emerge out of the ugliness...Like the butterfly emerging out of a "worm!"
So I'm writing today with a message of HOPE!

Hope is exactly why the White Star Psychic Science Church & places like it were created. (Even tho there are no other places like it! But I'm prejudiced!)

We need peace, prayer, meditation & inspiration now: WE need to move out of fear & into LOVE, & we need to gather together with Kindred Spirits seen & unseen to get the guidance need to OUTPICTURE this dis-ease... Isn't it comforting to have a place to gather where we can connect with Beings who foresee the future & see the BIG PICTURE & can help us do the same?
It's time for White Star & her members & friends to be of service to the planet & generate some major LIGHT for all...

Check your "mailboxes"- selfishness is OUT, altruism is IN! All over TV & the internet they keep saying "We're in this together" - Well, Let's roll up our shirt sleeves & prove it!
Everything White Star Church stands for is the antidote to the chaos & negativity running rampant right now. There was a time when the safest thing for the Church was to be closed, but now it appears that the safest thing for the world is to open back up again. Flexibility is the key.

Last year we focused on the Archangels: I see now that we were laying a foundation for what was to come. (They may even has saved some lives!) This year we'll focus on the healing, cleansing, balancing & recalibrating of ourselves, humanity & Grandmother Earth as suggested by Spirit in my April Facebook (channeled) message, to be accomplished via returning to the ancient, indigenous ways. The sooner this cleansing, etc. happens, the sooner this virus can leave!

- By the way, for safety reasons we'll now be social distancing (unless you live in the same household), our delicious potluck lunches are now temporarily suspended & we will diffuse anti-viral, anti-bacterial Young Living Oils during services... (mask optional, unless required by Door County Authority- please bring your own)

-Our traditional Spirit Communion Circles after services (at approx. 12:15 & open to the Public) will continue per usual, with the same admission charge as last year $15 per non-member (adult or child) or free of charge to current members only of any age.

With gratitude to all of you who supported us in 2019.

In the words of the late, great Wayne Dyer: "For every problem there's a spiritual solution." And a note of hope from Romans 8:28: "All things work together for good when you love the Lord."
See you in 2020!

With Love
In the Light
Mitakuye Oyasin
Reverend Mary

P.S. If you value this simple, unique & magical little Church & Ministry, please demonstrate your appreciation today...
Our doors have been closed since Thanksgiving 2019, without any income, but our costs continue including WPS, propane delivery, insurance, website costs, lawn mowing, building repairs, Custodian pay, Pastor pay, etc.
-Since this is the only Spiritualist Church north of Milwaukee & over 140 years old, it sustainability matters!
-White Star is the only Metaphysical Church north of Milwaukee! For those of us expanding our consciousness beyond the 3D & into the higher realms we need a safe, welcoming place to gather with those doing the same, along with the support of an expansive Ministry offering the tools we need for our indivual journeys.
-Check our financial form for options that suit your needs & thanks for your Loving and generous support!