A message from Reverend Mary


White Star is scheduled to open for the season on Sunday, May 9th at 10:30am. We will open with our Mother’s Day service, honoring our mother figures in physical and spirit.

The general consensus is that 2020 was a brutal year for pretty much everyone on the planet. We at White Star Psychic Science Church believe gathering together in this unique and magical little Spiritualist refuge, with spirits both seen and unseen, is a priceless gift.

With the media reporting mental health issues at an all-time high, along with mass shootings, depression and anxiety, it’s clear that humanity is not doing well with handling the stress, uncertainty and rapid change.

Those of us who are metaphysical may be aware of the ascension plan taking place all around and within us, but that doesn’t mean we actually grasp the magnitude of it, or understand that we have the tools and skills to cope with these changes on a daily basis. That is why it is important to have an outlet that deals with that which is beyond the physical, like White Star Psychic Science Church. It’s a place where we can access our multidimensional selves. Like it says in one of my favorite hymns (Abide with Me)

“Change and decay in all around I see

Oh thou who changest not, abide with me

…thru cloud and sunshine, O abide with me”

This season we will once again tap into Source, tap into the Light, meet our Companions in Spirit, and find comfort, healing and guidance that we can carry home and share with the world. All of you who ate attracted to White Star are emissaries to a world hungry for peace and light. We made it through 2020 so let’s gather, celebrate and raise our vibration. Let’s make a joyful noise! Let’s celebrate hope!

I have some powerful and exciting spiritual tools to share this season and look forward to seeing each and every one of you. We all have the opportunity to become technicians of the sacred. Like the late, great Wayne Dyer said, “For every problem there is a spiritual solution.”

We have the deepest gratitude for all who have supported us in the past and those who will support us in the future.

With Love, In the Light, MitaKuye Oyasin,

Reverend Mary

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