The Church

From the Pastor...

The White Star Psychic Science Church first opened it's doors in 1886 and has been continuously operating as a Spiritualist church since its beginning. We are the only Spiritualist Church north of Milwaukee.  It is located in a peaceful country setting and is said to be built on a vortex, which creates a very pleasant and relaxed feeling. Perfect for meditation and connecting with our  personal Spirit Companions. 

What makes White Star so unique from other mainstream Churches in the area you may wonder? We do not proselytize, or evangelize; nor do we employ dogma, punishment or guilt.

Like all Spiritualist Churches the White Star Ministry believes that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: " Whatsoever you want others to do unto you, do ye also unto them." We also believe that "the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or thereafter".

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our ministry is that we both believe in and encourage communication with our Spirit Companions, whether they be deceased family members, Angels or Archangels, Saints, Ascended Masters, animal spirits, etc... In our services we assist our Congregants to learn how to access this communication and guidance via meditation.

A typical service at the White Star includes a healing meditation, a metaphysical "chat", and channeled Spirit Messages from Rev. Mary or other guest psychics.
**** All pastors in the church's history have been psychics trained in the Spiritualist traditions.***

We are a non-denominational gathering place for metaphysical souls from all over North East Wisconsin. White star is a magical place where kindred spirits seen and unseen meet. If you're looking for peace and comfort in the midst of a troubled world, JOIN US!

In the Light,
Rev. Mary
White Star Psychic Science Church in Brussels, Wisconsin