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Have you even seen a shadow dart by out of the corner of your eye or felt a presence around you? Have you cheated death and felt someone was looking out for you? Have you known how a situation would end before it happened or felt a strong sense of having experienced something that you know you haven’t experienced? Have you noted that you always look at the clock at the very same time every day?? These are just some of the ways your guides make their presence known. There are personal guides that work with each one of us. Some are here to protect us, and some are around us to guide us and pass along messages and wisdom to help us navigate life. When you know who your guides are you can call on them by name and ask for their favor in whatever way you need.

Join us Sunday, June 27th when we discuss how to meet your guides. Reverend Mary will lead a guided meditation and teach you how to meet your guides so you can start working with then in a more personal manner.

Following the service we will have our Spirit Circle, where Mary will give channeled messages from the spirits who work with her. Cost for attending the Spirit Circle is $15 per person if you are not a member.

2 thoughts on “Meet your Guides”

  1. Very good today R. Mary T. Listening inside after but interuppted. Yet later on the way home was given this. I said so you gotta ask! Somehow it went in this direction. The source is important and so is the path. The method going inward sourcing inward starts with guides etc, but is not like God is just in there out there in the effusive intangibles, but for the human psyche the grounding of consciousness is similar but different than a staircase downward but instead inward deepening from where your first asking begins which is or must be a significant and necessary step inward and where you finally end on the ground floor where God is answering the door. Have a long way to go and seems counterintuitive but correct. I was thinking, when people pray etc , is it to some nebulous outside or the resident born within hidden, that we are distanced. Now I see the reasoning . I will have to build the motivation. A lot gained. Obviously, big steps aren’t likely, Trips , don’t like tripping And I really don’t like the recovery. I’ll be on that, ” what was your name again thing “now for sure. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment. It sounds like you are on a great path to self discovery and we are happy you enjoyed the service. We will make sure Reverend Mary is made aware of your comment.

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